Thursday, June 4, 2009

Going home

We only stayed in the hospital for 2 nights then it was time to make the trip home. Very excited yet very nervous at the same time, we pack up all of our stuff and dressed him in his "going home" outfit that was way to big! I had brought other things for him to wear while at the hospital that probably would have fit a little better since he came to us so small, but I fell in love with this outfit the moment I saw it. So with a little tucking and rolling of sleeves, etc. we tried to make it fit and went with it anyways! He looked pretty cute even still........
Getting tucked into the car seat for the first time, he looks so small!
This is one of our first family photos of 3!
Daddy putting Eli in the car
And we're off! This was one of the longest car rides home for me. Not to mention we didn't get to leave until like 5pm on a Friday afternoon, we took many side streets, etc. to make sure that our new bundle of joy would make his first trip home safely!
This was a special surprise! Ryan had an edible bouquet delivered to the house for me to have when we arrived! It was sooooooooo yummy!
Finally we started to get settled in and Eli got to meet the dogs.....well Axel was very curious, and maggie didn't really know what to do. The first few days that E would cry maggie would pace around and cry too! This is the closest that we have let them get so far! I am sure that when he gets older the dogs will be running from him! HA!

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