Friday, November 19, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

Every year we carve pumpkins with our neighbors, and this year was no different.... this was 3rd annual year of carving.  Last year E was only 6 months old so it was a lot easier to do.  This year Ryan and I had to take turns corralling Eli, and carving, but he seemed to enjoy it, and it was fun watching him!  I got a few pics, but didn't really get many of the neighbors...but promise they were there!  
Eli in his wagon, about to head across the street... 
Carving time!
I found a pic from this time last year...WOW...what a difference a year can make! (What a difference a new camera can make too!) 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cute little Pumpkins

We have really been enjoying fall this year!  The pumpkin patch was fun, but one day while Amy and I were out with the kids we stopped at the shops in Allen.  We had some frozen yogurt and and let our little ones play in the pumpkin house.  The weather was great and they had so much fun!  I love seeing Eli and Kinley play together, and love that they will grow up together and become great friends.  Plus, I get to enjoy this time with my best friend and look forward to many more together!  So here are some pics of our cute little pumpkins... 
Friends Forever!!!

18 months old!

My sweet little E is 18 Months Old!!!
Oh my, time is sure flying by!  Eli has changed so much in the last few months and is starting to become a little boy instead of that little baby!  At his 18 mo. check up he weighed in at a solid 27.5 lbs!  He was measuring 75% in his weight and height, so maybe there is hope for him to be tall.  Eli has such a personality...we always knew that he was a social being, and he has never really had any stranger anxiety, and now that he is talking some he is always waving at everyone and says Hi!  It is so cute to watch him try and interact with others.  Along with his friendly personality he loves music and loves to boogie!  I put a video on here from the fair this year, Eli was getting down!  He is learning new things everyday, and starting to talk some.  He still does a lot of sign language, but some of the things he says are...bye bye, hi, plane, ball, balloon, shoes, cracker, trash, banana, up, night night, momma, da da, Gi Gi, truck, bath, hot, woof woof (for dog), stinky, and the sounds for the letters "a", "b", "c" and "l".  He repeats a lot of what we say, but those are the constants.  I am so excited to hear him talk and watch him learn!
Eli will sit just long enough in the evening before bed to read a book, but he is too busy to really sit still.  I have tried to introduce him to some TV shows, but the only one he will watch about 1/2 of is Barney, and he dances pretty much through the whole thing!  He loves to go outside whenever he gets the chance and he is getting pretty good at climbing up stairs and sliding down the slides all by himself!  He has gotten better about what he eats, but is still somewhat picky.  His usual diet consists of chicken nuggets, lunch meat, lots of veggies, any kind of crackers and cereal bars, and LOTS of fruit!  And of coarse he has a bit of a sweet tooth like his daddy!  Speaking of eating, Eli loves to eat with his fork and spoon!  He has gotten pretty good at stabbing his veggies and nuggets with his fork...and he definitely eats more whenever he gets a hold of a big boy fork! 

He has become somewhat of a mommas boy lately, and it makes Ryan kinda sad, but I told him that its just a phase and one day he will be the same way with me!  I love it when I get home from work and he runs up to me with those beautiful blue eyes and that big smile, and he wants a big hug....he melts my heart!  I hope that he never grows out of that phase, I love you sweet little E! 
Here are a few pics of our 18 month old...

A little bit of Eli's dancing...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weeks ago we took Eli to the pumpkin patch.  Last year we found the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch, and loved it!  This year we were for sure making a trip back, but wanted to include our best friends and their little pumpkin, the Gill's!  We all stopped at Chick fil-a for lunch and then took the drive out to Flower Mound.  It was really hot this year and very dusty...but we had a great time! 
Eli and Kinley riding in the wagon
Eli loves popcorn, and in fact, its one of his new is my little man chowing down on some kettle corn!
After getting a few snacks, we headed over to the pumpkins and had some fun!
This pumpkin patch thing is hard work, taking a break with daddy.... 
Well the pumpkin patch wasn't really hard work, but it was so the kids did get a little cranky, but Eli kept pointing at the hayride, so before we left we took him for a ride, and he loved it!
My sweet lil' pumpkin...don't you wanna just kiss him!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

State Fair

Fall is here and I love this time of year for so many reasons...the weather starts to get cooler, leaves change colors, pumpkin patches open, and the State Fair
I was so excited for the fair this year, bc Eli is older and I just knew that he would love it!  We went with GiGi and PaPa, on a Wednesday so that we didn't have to fight the crowds, and since Ryan doesn't really care for the fair it worked out well, going during the week. 
The first stop in the fair was the petting zoo...there were a ton of kids there that day, but we managed to feed a few animals and take some pics.  Eli loved petting all the animals!
My dad always likes to take a picture with E everywhere they go new together.  They started the tradition last year of taking a pic with the John Deer tractors at the fair. 
We ate a lot of great fair food, first which was a corny dog...yum yum!  This was E's first time to taste a corn dog, he wasn't a big fan.  He just doesn't know what he is missing!!!
Our day was definitely packed with lots of fun...we saw Big Tex, Eli played in the big sandbox, we looked at all the new cars, and E got to go through the Little Hands Farm.  It was so cute to watch him with all the activities they had the kids do.  I can't wait to take him back next year!
Check out my little Farm Boy
We were there all day, and E did so well that we decided to stay for the parade and laser light show.  It was a great day at the Fair!  

Monday, November 1, 2010

Just playing around

Just playing around with the program that I use to edit my pics and thought I would let you see a few more cute pics of my little man! Such a cutie I must say!  I love you little E!