Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pirate Ship

Ahoy Mate!

For E's Birthday we got him a Pirate Ship splash table.  Eli loves to play in the water and splash around.  It took me forever to decide which one to buy him, all of them have their own the end I thought that this one was the COOLEST of them all!  The table is just the right height for my sweet little boy and will grow with him...It is in the shape of a ship (of course) and has so many cool things for him to play with.  Equipped with lots of pirate men and a cool slide to push them down into the water.  Also,  it came with an anchor that he can lower up and down, which I am sure he will LOVE once he gets bigger and learns how to use it.  I believe that his favorite part of all is the TALL filters water up to the tip top, and as it pours down to the bottom, it makes all kinds of noises and fun things to look at spinning so fast! 
I love to see how happy it makes him!
Daddy showed him how to push the button on the canon and squirt mommy!
Even though we had lots of fun splashing around, CURIOSITY got the best of him and he wanted to go EXPLORE what all was going on in the back yard.  At this time he was taking a few steps, but not completely walking without help so he started this cute army crawl to get around in the grass!
This was just a pic I took trying to get a look at his onesie he had was his "sea turtle".  I thought it was perfect for the occasion for my little PIRATE playing in the "sea".  :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I hate my new template and background!!! I was trying to mess around with my background and started using the new templates provided by blogger and totally MESSED EVERYTHING UP!!! Now I don't know how to get back the simple 2 or 3 column template so I can make my blog cute again with a pretty background!!! AAAAHHHH..... I didn't save my old one, (stupid me) so now I am stuck! Can anyone help or suggest another website where I can add a template that I might like? Sorry to be so negative but this really upsets me!! HELP!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Day at the Park

This was a fun day with Eli. I took him to the park one morning after his nap. We were getting stir crazy in the house, which is usually a daily thing for me! HA! This was a couple of days after Eli's 1st Birthday, so NO it wasn't recently in the awful heat!! I have a ton of pics since my last post, and I am just now trying to catch up...sorry! Anyways, he had a lot of fun playing and I got some really cute pics!
Mommy can you see me?
Playing in the dirt like a TRUE boy!
What's down there?
What a sweet you think he had fun?