Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visiting Granji and Grandaddy

A couple of weeks ago Eli and I went with Gigi and Papa, to Louisiana, to visit Granji and Grandaddy and then rest of our extended family for a few days. We had a great time catching up with everyone and just taking some time to relax and enjoy the perfect weather we had!  I did take my camera, but was very lazy taking pics this trip, simply bc being about 8 wks prego and all, I was very tired and sick this here are some of the pics that I did get...
One of the highlights of Eli's trip was Granji's golf cart.  She recently got it to zip around in, and as soon as Eli got a look at it, that just what we were doing...the WHOLE trip!  Here is a great pic I got of E and Grandaddy, very sweet to see them together.  
We did get to go fishing out at the camp while we were out of my favorite things to do!  I think that Eli had a great time, even though he could not sit still.  We all had to tag team him, but he did get to see and touch a couple of little fishies...
Eli fishing with papa
Eli examining Grandaddy's catch

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daddy's Birthday

In March, Ryan turned 32 years old.  I am always so glad when his birthday rolls around before mine, bc. I am at that point where getting older is not that much fun!  Anywhooo...this year wasn't a big hoopla or anything, but Ryan requested that some of his closest friends and family come along and eat dinner with us at Babe's (love it!) for his bday dinner.  Here are a few pics (sorry didn't get everyone) from the evening.  It was a lot of fun and great food of coarse!  Thanks to the Gill's, my parents and sister (who was it town...  YEAH!) and Randy and his little one Austin for coming to help us celebrate! 
Amy and Eli waiting to be seated for dinner....
Look at that sweet little face...Miss Kinley
My litte man being his silly little self for the camera
The Birthday Boy
The birthday boy having to dance to the happy birthday chicken funny!
Eli enjoying daddy's cupcakes

Friday, April 1, 2011

The big boy potty!

Going potty....
This is something that I hope Eli will start doing soon, and we can "hopefully" be potty trained, or at least mostly trained by the end of this summer....Several months ago I bought a big boy potty seat to put on our toilets to introduce E to the potty.  I have heard that some kids are really scared of the big potty, if they are familiar with little potty chairs.  So...I decided to just start out with the big potty,and go from there.....I am also NOT a fan of having to clean out those nasty little potties, so this was a good solution.....sorry but it's just a personal preference, and I think they are gross!!!  Eli seems to be very receptive to this potty.  We have started out just putting it on his toilet at night, and having him go potty before bath time each day.  He has made it part of his ritual now, and I think he is starting to "understand" a little bit that this is where you go to the bathroom at.  The other day I just happened to have my camera out, and Eli said that he needed to go "potty" so I took him in there, pulled of his diaper and shorts and set him on there, and he went!  Yeah for you little man...I was so excited for him and tried to make a big deal out of it.  He didn't seem to care either way, and was distracted by his book.  All he wanted to do that day was carry that book around, so he insisted on reading it on the potty!  It makes me laugh, typical man on the pot, right?!?!?  :)