Saturday, December 25, 2010

Visiting Santa...2010

 When it came time to go see Santa Clause this year I was very excited to see Eli's reaction.  I was wondering if he was going to cry or laugh, or would he have that classic "Santa is scary" look or walk right up to him?!?!?  We are blessed to have that sweet baby that has never met a stranger, so I was hoping that he would do well!  Last year we took him to Bass Pro Shops in Grapevine, bc they have an awesome Santa, the lines were short, and they give you a free picture with your visit...and this year was no different!  This year Eli's great grandparents were in town and got to go with us, so we asked Gi Gi and Papa to come and watch Eli with Santa also.  We got to BPS around 2pm, and our time slot was 3:30, so we walked around for a while enjoying some of the things they had to offer. 
First stop was the big fish tank!  E loves those fish...he was making fishy lips
2nd stop the 4 wheelers...
Hanging out with Granji and Grandaddy, and Papa
Next stop...the Merry-go-round
FINALLY it was about that time to go get in line for SANTA...
Waiting in line...
He did great!  He walked right up to Santa with daddy and sat right down and told him what he wanted... ;)
Merry Christmas Eli 


Friday, December 24, 2010

Putting up the lights

This year when we put up the Christmas Lights, it happened to be unseasonably warm!!!  It actually was kinda hot, but it was nice to be able to put up lights without the blowing, cold wind that would normally freeze us to death!  Ryan and I tried to put the little man in the bed and get them hung, but he must have know that we were up to something, so he skipped nap time and decided to help us out!  He actually did really good and is a great helper!
(ps...If the pics look blue tinted I tried to add a "winterized" feel to my editing...ha!) 
Here is daddy doing the real work, and part of the finished product...
After trying to help and getting bored with the lights, Eli rode his little"4 wheeler".  He played for a while and then wanted to get on the big boys after daddy was done with his work he took E for a ride! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

6 Flags

In November we got free 6 Flags tickets from my work.  I LOVE 6 Flags, and Ryan couldn't go, but I really wanted to take GiGi and Papa went with us, and we met my friend Amy and her son Will there.  The weather was perfect, the boys had a great time, and we had free food turned out great!
Eli and Papa
I knew that there was not much Eli could do, but really thought that he would enjoy all the characters and people.  The first thing that we rode was the carousel...the boys were so cute waiting in line together and really enjoyed the ride!   
E climbing on the railing to get a better look!
After the carousel we spotted bugs bunny....we took the boys down to see him, but as you can tell, they were not fans! 
Off to Looney Tunes Land!!!
We found quite a few rides the boys could enjoy here...
After lunch we headed over to drive the old cars and ride the train around the park...
Being silly!
Boys will be boys...waiting in line for the train and playing in the dirt!  Also sharing a bag of popcorn for snack time...I think that they had more fun throwing it on the ground and smashing it with their feet!
So glad we got to enjoy the day with GiGi and Papa, and hanging out with Eli's buddy Will!  Eli's first 6 Flags trip was a success! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Happy Halloween!!!
This year Halloween was a lot of fun for us!  Eli was a very ACTIVE 18 month old Trick or Treater!  I had a hard time trying to figure out what Eli was going to be this year, but since he didn't have an opinion I finally decided on a little pirate.  It worked out perfectly bc. I found his costume at Carter's, and it was 60% off!!! I only paid around $10 for it, and then found a perfect sword at the dollar store and cute bandanna for him to wear at Hobby Lobby for a dollar!  SCORE! 
Here is my cute little pirate!
Before we went out for some trick or treating my friend Amy from work had a Halloween party for all of the kids.  It was so much fun!  She had a bean bag toss, bobbing for apples, bounce house, pinata, and great food!  Thanks for a great time Amy....looking forward to next year!
Here is our group...minus the daddy's (they were the photographers!)
Amy's sisters twins...aren't they cute!
Hitting the pinata
The food!
Bobbing for apples...Eli's favorite part!
Bounce House Fun!

A few of E's friends...
Will the scarecrow
Miles the dinosaur
After the party we went back home and visited a few of our neighbors for some candy!