Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christmas Eve and Day....Santa Came!

So I think that this is the last of my posts for 2010~ 
I am glad to finally try and enter 2011 and see what all it holds for our little family of 3!
This is a little of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...I had so many pics, it was hard to pick just a few, but I needed to get it done! 
Christmas Eve night was filled with lots of family, and everyone getting really excited for Santa to come the next morning!  Here is the cookies that we made for Santa to sample that night....I picked out this cute, little, Santa plate for Eli (and our other kids to come) as part of the traditions for us to start with out little family. 
I love that my grandmother puts up her Christmas village every year, and Eli got to see it for the very first time!  These are some sweet pics of my little man and his Papa looking at the village. 
 Christmas morning arrived and we were all up bright and early to see what Santa left us...
He must have loved his cookies!
Opening our favorite part... 
Just a few more pics of everyone enjoying Christmas morning together.....
I had to throw this pic in, one of my favorite gifts this year, Kelly surprised me and got me a pair of TOM' them....thanks Kelly!!!
This pic has a long story about it, but meant so much to me, even though it wasn't my was Eli's from Gigi and Papa...thanks so much mom and dad!
My cutie in his new hat
Eli's loot...Santa brought him a kitchen, a T-ball set, a cool truck that makes all kinds of noises and that  lights up, a Texas Longhorn hat, and a fun Paul Frank shirt! I guess that means he was a good boy!