Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am soooooooooo excited to post this for everyone. My mom finished sewing the bumpers for the crib and they look awesome! I had something great pictured in my mind, but they turned out even better! Thanks so much are so talented and I couldn't have asked for anything more! Also thanks to Ryan's parents for the crib! It is very nice and a gift from Eli's grandparents! I know the bedding wouldn't look as good if it weren't for the crib!

53 days to go!

I have hit the 32-33 week mark! I am in the last trimester and really starting to feel it! I have heartburn, backache's, and can't really sleep! Oh well, it is all worth it! We can't wait for Eli to get here, but are glad he has "stayed in" this long so far! Since I work with preemies I seem to always have these thoughts in the back of my mind. Anyways, here are some belly pics, I will
officially be 33 wks on Wednesday!
We didn't think we would get to see our little man again until his birthday, but I was measuring small at my 30wk appt., so they wanted to do a sono to make sure he was growing. Everything turned out just fine, and all his measurements were right on at the 32wk mark. They think that at this point he weighs 3.8 pounds. Here are some great pics they got of his face....who do you think he looks like?

Julie's Shower

One of my friends, Julie, is due exactly 4 wks before me and she is having a little boy too. A couple of us from work got together to give her a small shower since she already has a little girl at home. We had it at Uncle Julio's, and it was soooo good until I got home and the salsa was not liked very much by kept me up ALL night! UGGGHHHH

Tornado...nope just bad weather!

Well I know that is has been about a month or more since I have posted, but we have been super busy. These are some pics that Ryan took of the dogs and I when we had some "tornado like" weather about a month ago. It just ended up being hail and a bunch of rain, but the tornado sirens did go off! Ryan being such a good husband did make us get
into the bathtub until it was all clear! Thanks for being so protective!
Can you tell I was worried...he, he...I was calling Amy to see if they took cover!
Mags and Axel, they probably thought we were crazy!