Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The CRASH!!!

I promise I have not stopped blogging, actually it has been a very busy summer and I haven't had the time to get back to it.....BUT....the worst part of it is that my laptop CRASHED a couple of weeks ago, so I couldn't catch up even if I had the time!  I had a rough time a couple of weeks ago, bc. every picture and video of my sweet little man was saved on that laptop and of coarse I didn't back hardly any of if up!!!! I am sooooo very STUPID for not listening to people, so please back up your stuff!  Anywhoo....after a lot of stress and many, many tears, Ryan found a guy at work that was able to get all my stuff off and put it on an external hard drive! YEAH!  So now its my dad's job to help find us a new until we get one, the blogging will have to wait....:(