Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look at the fish!

Ryan's Birthday was on the 24th, so the weekend before, we had lunch with his family for his birthday in grapevine and afterwards went over to Bass Pro for some shopping. They have a huge fish tank and Eli loves watching all the fish...here he is enjoying the day!
Eli and his cousin Landry looking at the fish....

10 months

Here is my big 10 month old! I still can't believe how close we are to his 1st birthday! He is a busy busy boy....so I'm kinda glad that getting these monthly pics are almost over bc. he will not sit still! Ha!
I love this smile!
Mom I don't want to sit and take a picture...
Here is that crazy monkey again...
He is not walking yet, but cruising around and has found the cable box, we are really in trouble now!
He is also getting into all the cabinets, and I think it is about time to put on the latches! He loves playing with all of mommies things!
At a recent consignment sale I got a bunch of toys for E. One of his favorites is his little tykes car. He loves climbing up on it and really likes it when we push him around the house or outside on it.
Here is daddy pushing E...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trying out my new wagon

For Christmas GiGi and Pappa got Eli a wagon! Since the days are getting warmer we decided to put it together and see what Eli thought about it! He loves it and every time we put him in it now he gets so excited! Here are some pics of the 1st wagon ride and a video of his experience.....
Daddy what are you doing down there?
Let me make sure these straps are tight!
Ready to go!
Along the ride.....Checking things out...

Our little sweetheart!

On Valentines day we were in Whitney with the Callaway family, so here are some pics we snagged of our little sweetheart on this special weekend. I got him a super cute shirt from Target that said "Mom's LIL' Romeo"...and he sure is! Eli, mommy and daddy love you so much and thank God EVERY day that he gave us YOU! I love you bubbie...Happy Valentines Day!
Playing around with mommy and daddy before bed....
wrestling with daddy, such a cute pic!

Friday, March 26, 2010

A visit to Aunt Denise's House

Around the middle of February we took a mini trip to go visit Gregg, Denise and the boys for the weekend. We always LOVE getting away to their house for a little fun! The boys had some basketball games going on and we tired to make it, but couldn't get there in time. We did however play some games ourselves. They have a Wii and we all had some great laughs! We played lot of sports and then a dancing game that was hilarious to watch other do! I don't remember the name of it but I did get video of us all acting crazy! Unfortunately I didn't get many pics, but the videos make up for it all! ENJOY!
(ps. sorry Ryan I had to put your video on there too!)

This was also a big weekend for E, we found out that he was getting his first TOOTH!!
Of coarse mommy was harassing him the whole time trying to get a pic of it, but this is all we got...
Can you see it...HA!
My cutie pie...growing up!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can you believe the snow!!

I believe this is the first time for me living in Texas that I have seen this much snow!!! I was excited for several reasons, number 1 being that I didn't have to work that day, bc. I DID NOT want to have to stay up at work!!!! 2nd was that Eli got to experience it all, even though he will probably only remember it through pictures. Maybe one year when he is older he will get to experience this again! All of my neighbors got to stay home from work and so when E got up from his am nap I dressed him in several layers and we went outside to enjoy the fun!
Here he is looking out the window at that "white stuff"...
"Hey mom can you believe it?!?!?"
The back yard....I couldn't believe the accumulation
When we joined up with everyone, Karli and Miranda were trying to figure out how to sled down the driveway...it didn't work so we moved on to building a snowman family, and making snow angels...
Look how thick the snow was...still in disbelief!!
Here is my bundled up little man enjoying the snow...
Doesn't taste too bad!