Thursday, July 22, 2010

1 Year Old Pics

                            Eli Scott Reynolds
In April Eli turned 1!  I actually got the post from his Bday party up right after the big day... but since I am still so far behind and trying to catch up, now you get to see the pics we had taken of him turning 1!   These were actually taken at 14 months, bc. our photographer had just had a new little one herself.  She took a day off from her family and played with ours and we got some great results...
(It was sooo hard to pics a few but here is a preview)
"The love of a family is life's greatest blessing"

all because two people
fell in love"

Jamie did such a great job!  She has been with us through all of the stages of our life...engagement through the birth of our first child....and we hope to keep using her for many years to come.  If anyone is looking for an awesome photographer please check her out....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

5 and counting....

June 12th, 2010....5 Years!
This year marked our 5 year wedding anniversary!!  We wanted to get away and do something fun, along with a lot of relaxation!  We are taking a trip to Mexico at the the end of July, so we didn't want to go very far for this trip, but we are sometimes procrastinators, so of coarse we waited until the last minute to decide what to do.  We looked several places, but a lot of places were already booked!  UGGHHH.....last year we spent around 2 days in Ft. Worth for our anniversary, trying not to go too far since we had a 2 month old at home!  This year since everything was booked, we just decided to go back to the Ft. Worth area, stay for an extended weekend and just go with the flow!  It turns out that it was a GREAT idea and we had a blast. 

Thursday, Ryan worked and then we dropped off little man with his parents for the weekend....Thanks SO much Nana and Paw paw for babysitting!!
This is the morning before our big weekend, just Ryan and I....we knew that we would miss E so much but were glad to have some time away, just the 2 of us...E telling us Good morning !
E was being so silly in the car so I had to get his pics, isn't he a ham!
Thursday night we went to the Rangers game...Great seats!  I can't wait to go do this again!  We had a great breeze and the sun was behind us, so it was actually very comfortable for a summer night!
Cotton Candy!  My favorite!!
After a long day, Friday morning we slept in then decided to go to Six Flags all day on Friday.  The lines were super short and we were able to walk straight up to the front of the line every time!  Then Friday night we hung out in downtown Ft. Worth, went to dinner at the Reata in Sundace Square.  It was a long wait, so we hung out at the rooftop bar, such a pretty view of downtown...really mad I didn't get a pic!  We had a great dinner and loved relaxing together!  If you are ever downtown we totally suggest you try this place out!
Saturday rolled around, and we had no plans, so we got up late, had breakfast and then hung out at the pool for a few hours.  Later on that day, we went down to hang out at the Stock Yards, and had lunch at Joe T. Garcia's!  MMMMM...the weather was great so we sat outside and had lunch poolside!
We snuck in a few pics before we headed out for the day...Ryan sporting his longhorn gear, I got him this new shirt and hat for our anniversary, plus Texas was playing baseball that day, so he had to support the team!
Happy Anniversary Ryan...I love you!!!
  "As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you."
Saturday night we went dancing in the Stock Yards, with my new boots Ryan got me for our anniversary!  Sunday we slept in one more morning and had brunch at 8.0's downtown before we went to go get out sweet little boy!  It was such a great weekend and I can't wait for so many more together with the love of my life!  I love you so much are such a great daddy and husband and I am so lucky to have you beside me to grow old with! 
Happy 5 Years...and counting!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our first play date

At the beginning of June we were invited to go over to Garrett's house for a play date!  Eli and I have never officially been on a "play date" so I was very excited for him to get to socialize a bit.  Garrett and Eli's due dates were supposed to be a few days apart, but Garrett arrived about 3 months earlier than expected.  He was so tiny when he was born, but is doing great now, and I was so excited that E and G could meet.  My hope is that they become great friends in the future!  He had lots of fun and I really enjoyed getting to sit and catch up with Garrett's mommy, Carla!  Here are some pics of the boys playing... 
Playing so well together...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A visit out to the country

At the end of May we took a trip out to Trenton to visit with friends and some people that we love so dearly that I consider them family.  Amy's parents and grandparents all live our there in one big house, it is quite a sight!  It is so nice out there, very peaceful and beautiful.  Amy's brother, Tyler's, bday was being celebrated so we were invited out to enjoy the festivities.  We had some great food and fun....the kids had fun swimming in their little pool and the big kids had fun riding 4 wheelers and such.  I didn't really get a whole lot of pics, but here is some of the fun we had!
Miss Kinley looking soooo cute in her bikini!
Aren't they such a cute little couple...we are have them in a prearranged marriage :)
Some of the hosts...Amy's parents with sweet baby K...(Notice Larry in the back...he is such a character, always making us laugh!)

The big kids at play....Preston telling us where to ride, so much fun!
Look how beautiful!  I can't wait until we go visit again...Thanks again for having us out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A few little steps...

These video's are from back at the beginning of June, Eli was about 14 months old... he was starting to take steps by himself and cruising around on all the furniture.  He would walk with your if you held his hands but was still getting the hang of this walking thing...
Around this same time, he had just started to stand up by himself and balance, getting ready to walk....of coarse, several weeks later..he is walking everywhere ....more video's to come soon, when I can finally catch up on all the old posts!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Time....Pool Time!

Summer, Summer, Summer!!!
I absolutely love it when summer time rolls around...getting a tan on my pasty white skin, lake time, pedi's more often so my "summer toes" look cute, seasonal fruit, and vacations.....but most of all this year I was really looking forward to Pool Time...last year Eli was only a month or two old when it was warm enough to get in the water.  This year I think he was more than ready to get in and splash around.  During his baths he has started splashing and dunking his face into the bath water...he usually comes up sputtering but always has the biggest smile on his face and does it over and over.  This year is seems to have gotten HOT fast so by the end of May we were ready to go!!
E's first time in the pool-09
Eli 2010-Wow! What a change a year makes!
My little water bug...

Even though we really enjoy GiGi's big pool she bought Eli his own pool to toddle around in...
After a long day of fun it was SNACK TIME!!! Nothing better than graham crackers and milk.  Yummy!
My FAVORITE pic of the summer so far...
A few videos of little E swimming...