Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aunt KK's Birthday

The weekend of the 27th (September) we travelled out to Tennessee for our annual birthday visit to Aunt KK.  Last year E was only 5 months old so the trip was a little easier to handle.  This year we had to stop several times to let him get some energy out and we took plenty of movies and toys to keep him entertained.  The ride out was a little better bc we left in the evening, and after about 3 hours into the 7 hour trip he went to sleep for the night!  Overall it wasn't that bad, but may think about flying next time! HA!  We always have a lot of fun on our visits, eating some great food and lots of family time!  Kelly's roomie Susan just bought a new house and so we got to see the new place and help her out with some small stuff that needed to be done.  Ryan also got to participate in the annual Young Life clay shoot with bubba.  
Here are some pics of E playing on a playground we found on one of our stops...he loved it!  
Sitting out on Susan's back porch relaxing, such a cute house and a great place to chill!
Kelly is always introducing us to fun places to eat or visit during our stay.  One of the new places we were introduced to was Muddy's!  It a small cupcake shop that is absolutely delicious!!!!  Mom, Kelly and I were out running some errands and stopped by to pick up a few for us to taste, and since we couldn't decide on a few we got 12!  All different flavors, mmmmm so good!  I think my favorite is the lemon and the cookies and cream!
Usually for Kelly's bday she picks a restaurant and we all go eat with Susan's Family.  This year since the girls had the new place Kelly thought that it would be a lot of fun to have a bunch of their friends over for a "Texas Style Fajita Buffet" was so yummy!  Mom, Kelly and I cooked all day long and finally pulled it off!  It was so much fun to meet all of their friends, and the weather had a turn on the cooler side, so the whole night was perfect! Happy Birthday Aunt KK!!!   
Eli playing with Sopie and Dave
Papa and Eli
Group HUG!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

School Days

Well I finally made  it into September with my blogging....YEAH!  This post is from the early in the month.  Eli seemed to be getting a little bored at home, and is such a social little boy, so I thought it was time to start looking for a MDO program for him.  Of coarse it wasn't until August that I started looking so my options were limited.  He doesn't turn 18 months until the end of October so that didn't help me out any also.  I wanted to find something that was 1/2 between my mom's house and ours so that she could benefit from having a few hours one day a week to herself to get some stuff done while E was at school.  We searched and finally decided on a place in Plano, First Baptist Plano...and we loved it!  He goes 2 days a week, Tuesday's and Thursdays from 9-2.  His class was really small to begin with but now has grown and he has lots of new friends!  After we got him signed up I was super excited to get him some new school stuff, a lunch box, backpack, and nap map!  I was also very excited that I had a trip to Canton planned, and was going to look for the perfect school items there!  After looking all day I finally decided on 3 matching items that are brown with orange accents, all embroidered with his name on them.  (forgot to take a pic of them..oops...take my word, they are cute..ha!) are the pics from his first day, it was so much fun to see him so excited about something new! 
A quick pic before daddy left for work   
Trying on his backpack before heading out the door...
Watching veggie tales in the car...such a big boy!
Walking into school
Putting stuff in his cubby.  He walked right into the class that day and didn't even look back!  Eli absolutely loves his school, and teachers, and is always so happy to go.  They are so sweet and always talk about how happy E is!  Makes me glad that I decided to send him.  Thank you God for such a sweet little boy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A weekend in Whitney

Back in August we went to visit Ryan's sister & brother in law and their kids.  They live out in Whitney, which is about 30 min from Waco.  We always have soooo much fun hanging out with them, especially since it was so hot and they had just got a pool within the last year!  This was also the weekend of my 31st bday and so Denise was so sweet to make all of my favorite meals and tons of her famous cookies.  I love going out and hanging with their family, so it was a great birthday!  The boys had a scrimmage this weekend so went went out to support and take some pics.  This was really E's first time to experience some live football action, and he loved it. It was so hot that day, but we all toughed it out and had alot of fun watching.  
Here is daddy and E headed up into the stands to find a good seat... 
Layton watching...poor thing, it was so HOT
After about 30 min of sitting out in the Texas heat we decided to move around a bit and find a shade spot.  Lucky for us we know the person that is head of the concessions so that we could at least get a drink and some shade!  Thanks Denise!
Ryan took him out on the field to get some up close action, he was so into the game....I guess we have a little football player on our hands!
Like I said earlier is was super hot so we were trying to keep the little man hydrated...he loved his Gatorade!  Do you think we could sell these pics and put him on a billboard or commercial??? HA!
I love those sweet, chunky, red cheeks!
After a long morning we went back and had some lunch and took naps, then it was time for some fun in the pool...making a basket with daddy...
For my bday dinner we all went to Waco and ate a Texas was so yummy, but they tricked me and made me ride the saddle as everyone sang...don't worry guys, I will get you back!
Thanks for having us out Greg and Denise, we had a blast!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Allen Splash Park

This year we discovered the Allen Splash Park....I have been wanting to take E all summer but it has been a very HOT summer and I didn't want to try this new experience by myself.  One evening we went as a family, and he loved it!  There were soooooo many people there,  but he was not fazed at all...
Mommy loves this picture
We finally got him to take a break from the water and sit down to have a snack.  He loves this yogurt and it is so easy for him to eat if we freeze them first. 
This park also has a huge playground and lots of swings, this was also E's first time on a swing and going down a slide...I think the boy was in heaven!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pool Time in July

One Sunday back in July we had a family day out at the pool.  We are members at 24 hour fitness and they have a great splash area and outdoor pool.  Eli is a lover of the water... and we have gone several times to play, but this was the first time daddy got to join us and really see how much his little man really does love the H2O! 
Come on daddy lets go play!
Summer time fun...smiles and laughter...