Tuesday, May 19, 2009

D Day!

This is the day that changed our lives for sure, Eli's birthday! This is a pic of me early in the am, around 7 when they started the pitocin induction. The night before they used a cervidil medication to try and get things started, but when they checked me I was still at a 0-1. I was feeling great, and very excited even though I had not had a whole lot of sleep the night before.
One more pic of Ryan and Me
We had lots of people waiting for Eli to get here! Here is Gi Gi waiting in the wings and then Ryan's niece and nephew came in to visit while I was in labor...aren't they cute!
Happy Birthday Eli! Here he is on the warmer so that he can be dried off and examined by the nurses.

Eli Scott Reynolds
4/22/09 @5:20pm
6#7oz, 18"long
Daddy meets Eli...
I finally get to meet my sweet little boy....
Our day went so smoothly because of our wonderful doctor and awesome L&D nurse. I was very lucky, bc. Carrie was my nurse that day! Carrie and I were previous co-workers and roomies a couple years back! It was great to have a friend help us through it all!
Dr. Bailey
My awesome nurse and sweet friend Carrie

Eli's firsts.....
First bath

All cleaned up and tired!
First footprints

First diaper change

April 21st....

April 21st....
This was the day we found out that Eli would be on his way very soon! We went in for our 38 week sono with the perinatologist and he measured Eli again to see if he had grown since our last measurements at 36 wks. He said that he had, but was still lacking in some areas, so he would feel more comfortable inducing, "just in-case". So here I am the night before, starting the induction process.
Ryan and I, one of the last pictures as a family of 2!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

last belly shot....38wks

This is one of the last belly pics that we got to take before mr. eli arrived.....this was taken just a few days before I turned 38 weeks. The next time I blog you will actually get to see his cute
little face!