Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pulling up!

Eli has a new trick, pulling up! One morning a couple of weeks ago, he was talking and babbling very loudly after is am nap, so I went in to see this.....
My chunk o monk was pulling up on the side of the bumpers and looking out over the top of his bed!! When I walked in he was so happy to see me and tried to reach out for me! I knew at this point we definetly HAD to lower is bed now!! Here are some pics of him pulling up on pillows. This is bc there is not alot of things for him to pull up on in our living room, so I put these down to see if he would do it, and as you can tell he was all over them!
Just a funny pic, he was talking to me...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

He is getting around....

Eli is staring to "crawl" if you want to call it that. He is basically using all his upper body strength and pulling himself around the room. He is fast though! Check him out...

It's Snowing!

In this part of Texas we hardly ever get to see snow, so when we had our first snow of the season we had to take pictures and let Eli experience it! It was Eli's first snow also....
The morning it snowed, Ryan woke me up to let me know what was happening. I was excited, and couldn't believe it! The first thought in my head was Eli and what should I do? We got him up and walked outside with him. At this point it was just a few flurries and he didn't' notice. Ryan left for work and we just stayed inside watching the weather. After about 15 more min it started to come down harder, so I knew I had to get E out in it! I really wanted to get pics of him in his 1st snow, so I just put a hat on him and plopped him down on a blanket in the front yard! Ha...the things you do to get pics as a mom! I was cold and I am sure he was too, his poor little nose was soooo red! He looked around alot and stared at all the flurries coming down and wanted to touch it!

Christmas is around the corner....

Here are some pics of Ryan putting up our outside lights, and the trimming of the tree this year. I wasn't going to put it up bc. I was worried about Eli getting into everything and pulling it over on himself, but I decided to put it up in the dining room.
My mom came over to help us out, especially since Eli was apart of the action this year!
Here is Eli enjoying the Christmas ornaments...so cute I must say!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Thanksgiving 09

Since I am a nurse, as you know the hospital NEVER closes, thus we have to take our turns working the holidays. This year I was off for Thanksgiving and I have to work Christmas. I was kinda sad at first, considering that this would be Eli's 1st Christmas, but he will only be 8 months old and really has no clue what is going on. We did put up our Christmas tree and all he knows is that is it something else he can try and eat! HA! Here are some pics from Thanksgiving....we went to Louisiana, as we do for most major holidays to visit with all of my mom's side of the family. Kelly was off and got to drive down from Tennessee to join us for a few days. We had some GREAT food and fun times with family.

The first night that we arrived, my cousin Ross came back from hunting and he got a deer! We all went outside to see! Congrats Ross!
After a long day of traveling..daddy and Eli were so tired!
Thanksgiving AM...he slept well...
Preparing the food...mmmmm! It was so good to eat all that good food for Thanksgiving...too bad I will miss it for Christmas :(
My plate!
After lunch Eli opened his first Christmas present...an ornament, so cute....he was trying really hard to eat the wrapping paper
The weather was so nice the whole week/weekend so we were outside a lot, enjoying fall. I was also practicing with my new camera so Eli was of coarse the test subject...
This is Dora, Granji's donkey, Emily named her...we think she is going to have a baby soon! She was pretty skid dish, but Ryan got an apple and she actually came up to him to eat it! I had to stay pretty far away with the camera not to spook her!
Some more practice pics.....my 2 handsome subjects!
Emily playing with Eli the night before we left...

Sitting in the Tub

Now that E is sitting up all by himself, we decided to move him into the big boy tub to have a little more fun! He loves to splash around in the water and chew on all the foam letters. I love bath time with him now! So far we have steered clear of any "extra" things floating around in the water, but I am sure those times are to come! :)

My little lion

This post is a little late, but better late than never, right!!! This was Eli's costume for Halloween, a cute little lion! He was so happy and we had a great 1st Halloween together.
Halloween night my parents had a fall festival at their church, so we dropped by to show off our little cub and visit Papa and GiGi

7 months old

It is so hard to believe that my baby has been with us over 1/2 a year now! Here are his 7 month pics... he is crawling/ pulling himself all around the house, starting to pull up on things and putting everything in his mouth with drool everywhere, but no teeth yet! We have also introduced the sippy cup, which he loves and he can hold his bottle all by himself now! What a big boy!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas came early....

Christmas came early!!
I have been wanting a new camera for a while, something besides a simple "point and click" camera that I usually upgrade every couple of years. I have been using a Cool pix camera for a while now, and ever since Eli was born realized that I needed something better. Something that would last me longer, so I decided on the Nikon D5000. So far it has been the greatest camera I have ever used, very user friendly and I am taking some classes to hopefully get some awesome pictures! We decided that I would get it for Christmas, but before so that I could learn how to use it and take some good holiday pics.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

Well I am trying to keep up as best as I can but the year is just flying bye so fast, it's almost Thanksgiving!!!.....here are some pics from the week of Halloween, with our neighbors. It has become a tradition that everyone gets together the week of Halloween and we all order pizza or something and carve pumpkins, usually on Miranda & Todd's front porch. The weather was perfect and as always we made some fond memories with great friends!
Here is Eli dressed up in his Halloween shirt getting ready for pumpkin carving time...
(yes he has a Mohawk!...I love fixing his hair like this, daddy doesn't though...)
Showing off his pumpkin
I LOVE those big blue eyes!
Daddy being silly
and the carving begins...
E for Eli!
My pumpkin and E's, it was hard to carve something better when you have a 6 month old that wants to touch everything....oh well it was fun!
The finished products...we have some artists' on the block!
All lit up....pretty cool!
Happy Halloween!!
My little man was a lion this year....pics to come soon......