Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I have been looking forward to this ever since Eli was born, well this and all of his "firsts" to come, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter......well you get the point! are our pictures from the pumpkin patch. We went a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon and the weather was great. There were soooooo many people and little kids running around and Eli was a trooper. It was really hard to get him to look at the camera bc. he was so much more interested in everything that was going on around him, but we did get some cute shots! They had a lot of pumpkins, all sizes and shapes, and cute little wagons to pull, so Eli sat down and off we went!
We brought his little bug friend along, he is chewing on everything!!
I think he wanted the big one...he was not letting this one go! :)
Hanging out with daddy...
E and Mommy
The Reynolds
My sweet baby hanging out with the pumpkins....
One of my favorite pics....
This was such a fun day.....more pics to come of our pumpkin carving and super cute little lion....

The State Fair 09

Eli and and I went to the Texas State Fair this year with my parents the weekend of TX/OU. The weather was gorgeous and it wasn't really crowded at all. We had some great food and fun times! Dad drove a couple of the Chevy test cars and got some free stuff. We walked around a lot and saw some great exhibits. As far as the fair goes, we really all go for the FOOD!!! We had corn dogs, Texas nachos, cotton candy, tamales, grilled cheese, funnel cakes and some great burgers and onion strings! We all split everything, so it really didn't seem like a whole lot, but it was sooooooo good! I didn't get a whole lot of pics, but it was a lot of fun! I can't wait until next year when Eli can enjoy it more....
My parents, Eli and Big Tex!
Eli and Big Tex
Daddy was at work but we had our Texas gear on to root for the right team!!
Go Horns!!
Getting some grub...Texas nachos on the left..mmmmm!!
Mom and I chowing down on the famous Fletcher's Corny Dogs!
Papa and E hanging out on the John Deer Tractor

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Starting to Sit Up...

Eli is approaching 6 months old very fast and starting to do new things. One of those things is sitting up. He is doing a lot better in his bumbo seat and we have started putting him on the floor and supporting him, but he is doing pretty good himself! Here are some random pics of him trying to sit up....
Hanging out in the Bumbo seat
Helping mommy do laundry
He is always talking...
I love this pic, caught him mid-drool....
Little man in a big chair
Bath time
Getting ready for bed

Tennessee Trip 2009

September is always one of my favorite months. The weather starts to change, fall arrives, the State Fair begins and my sister has her birthday, which means we get to go to Tennessee to visit her! I have always made the trip with my parents, for several years now, and this is the first year that we had 2 extra passenger's...Ryan & Eli! It seems like Ryan is either hunting or working and has never gotten to join us for the trip. I was so excited that everyone got to go! All 5 of us loaded up in the Tahoe with what seemed like 1/2 of our house...ha! I never realized how much "stuff" you need when you are traveling with a baby!! Anyways, we got it all packed with lots of movies, toys, pillows and snacks...and we were off! The drive is around 8 hours, but with a baby that has to eat every 3-4 hours, of course the trip was longer. Eli was sooooo good with traveling. I am so blessed to have a baby that loves his car seat and is pretty flexible....8 hours is a long time for an adult, much less a baby strapped down in a car seat the whole time! Here is some pics of the view from the car...
When we arrived, the Green's (Kelly's roommates parents) offered for everyone to stay at their house, this was great bc. they saved us some money on hotels, plus is was nice to feel "at home" and visit with them. Thanks Dave and Karen! I didn't take my camera around with us the whole weekend so I didn't get many pics, but we had a blast!
Ryan was able to join the guys in the Young Life skeet shoot. He was excited to be able to do something outside and fun for him, instead of all the shopping and "girlie" things that the rest of us did.
Besides all of the shopping that we did we ate A LOT of food....which is something that we always take pleasure in on vacation! We had the usual drive through stuff on the drive to and from, but ate at some awesome restaurants while we were there. BBQ the first night at the Commissary, where Ryan said he had the best sweet tea he has ever tasted in his life! HA! I never though I would ever hear him say that somewhere out of the state of TEXAS!!! Then for lunch the next day we ate at Booya's, and had made to order quesadillas. The next day we all went downtown Memphis and met Susan and Russ at the Arcade restaurant for dinner (one of Elvis' favorite restaurants). They are "transplanted" Texas friends that moved to Tennessee, so we were glad that they were free to visit with us.
The Greene Family
After dinner we walked a few stores down and ate dessert at the Cheesecake Corner......mmmmm!!!! Kelly says that it is even better than the Cheesecake Factory here in Texas, and she is pretty darn close! Just looking at it will make your mouth water....
We had so much fun visiting with our dear friends....Thanks for making the drive to come see us....miss you!
Saturday night we went out for our final meal to celebrate Kelly's bday. She turned 26! Wow does time fly. We went to a hibachi and sushi grill it was fun watching the chef cook in front of us and of coarse the food was excellent!
Then for dessert we went back to one of my favorite places that we had previously visited on past trips, the Crepe Maker (or at least I think this is what it is called) We didn't get any pics of the desserts, but Eli was being a ham and so we got pics of him having fun!
His new trick, blowing bubbles and drooling... a lot!
He loves his aunt KK
Mom and her girls
Family pic
Dad and I being silly
We had such a great time just being a family and being together....Kelly, we love you and cherish the time that we all get to have together with you!
....just remember you can move back to Texas anytime.... :)