Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visiting Granji and Grandaddy

A couple of weeks ago Eli and I went with Gigi and Papa, to Louisiana, to visit Granji and Grandaddy and then rest of our extended family for a few days. We had a great time catching up with everyone and just taking some time to relax and enjoy the perfect weather we had!  I did take my camera, but was very lazy taking pics this trip, simply bc being about 8 wks prego and all, I was very tired and sick this here are some of the pics that I did get...
One of the highlights of Eli's trip was Granji's golf cart.  She recently got it to zip around in, and as soon as Eli got a look at it, that just what we were doing...the WHOLE trip!  Here is a great pic I got of E and Grandaddy, very sweet to see them together.  
We did get to go fishing out at the camp while we were out of my favorite things to do!  I think that Eli had a great time, even though he could not sit still.  We all had to tag team him, but he did get to see and touch a couple of little fishies...
Eli fishing with papa
Eli examining Grandaddy's catch

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Melodie said...

did i miss the big announcement? apparently so, but CONGRATS!