Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zoo Friends

In May, Eli had his first visit to the zoo with some of his buddies.  I have a great group of girls at work that all have kiddos around E's age, so we have a built in play group!  Some of our friends didn't get to join us this time but hopefully we will see them soon! 
Will saying hi to Eli as we enter the zoo... 
Sam and Caroline 
Will the Thrill...as we call him or Mr. Wiggles...
he loved climbing out of his stroller to look at the giraffe
Checking out a few more of the animals...
Eli riding the turtle
Mommy and E at the end of the day...
Tell me this little boy didn't have fun...just look at that
Group shots at the end of the day...they were all pretty sleepy so no one wanted to look at the camera
The beginning of many life long friendships!

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Holly Erwin said...

I love the black and white pic at the end!