Friday, July 29, 2011

Swimming Lessons

As summer was approaching I was super excited to get Eli in the pool this year.  The last few years he has been "swimming" in my parents, and the gym pool and loved being in the water, but I was ready to start some lessons and hoping that he would love those too!  I feel like he is a little fish at heart and hoped that instructed lessons wouldn't change his mind, but increase his love for the water.  We signed him up for lessons for 2 weeks at the beginning of June, right before it starting getting super hot this summer.  I picked a recreation center close to our house, that had an indoor pool, and it was perfect!  Here is my big boy on his 1st day of lessons...
I had several days off in the middle of the 2 wks, so it worked out well that I could attend most of his lessons with him!  Here we are, right before we got into the pool for the first time...I think I was just as excited as he was!
Eli was very excited to get into the pool every day that we had a lesson, and I had a lot of fun too!  I think that he was one of the oldest kids in his class, so he was a little more adapt to the water.  He learned so much in those 2 short weeks, and he have been practicing all summer long!  Yeah for swimming!!!
Here is E showing off his "swimming muscles"
Swimming with Gi Gi

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