Saturday, March 14, 2009

53 days to go!

I have hit the 32-33 week mark! I am in the last trimester and really starting to feel it! I have heartburn, backache's, and can't really sleep! Oh well, it is all worth it! We can't wait for Eli to get here, but are glad he has "stayed in" this long so far! Since I work with preemies I seem to always have these thoughts in the back of my mind. Anyways, here are some belly pics, I will
officially be 33 wks on Wednesday!
We didn't think we would get to see our little man again until his birthday, but I was measuring small at my 30wk appt., so they wanted to do a sono to make sure he was growing. Everything turned out just fine, and all his measurements were right on at the 32wk mark. They think that at this point he weighs 3.8 pounds. Here are some great pics they got of his face....who do you think he looks like?


Lindsay Anne said...

Yay! It's hard to tell who he looks like ;) But is cute as a button I am sure !

candicebishop said...

Wow, you look sooo great! I saw your blog link from the Pace's blog. :) I didn't even know you were expecting!!! So exciting! Congratulations!!! I'm now 22 weeks along with our 3rd baby (girl), but I think I've packed on many more pounds than you have already! Best wishes for the coming days ahead!